Our Business

Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

GEI is the one of the largest independent NDT companies in southeast Asia, we are owned and operated by our employees and active managers.  we have undertaken a wide-variety of assignments, large and small, from  marine, construction and oil and gas sectors.We have expanded our business from basic NDT services to include:

  • » Inspection Service (NDE and Radiography services)
  • » Specialty Services (Advanced NDE technologies)
  • » Heat Treatment

Our growth is primarily due to our combination of experienced management and strong technical skills, combined with a high commitment to customer service. This commitment is supported by:

  • Dedication to understanding our customers’ needs.
  • Functional Quality Assurance and Safety programs.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology. We have been successful because we upgrade our technical capabilities continually. We cannot minimize our customers’ costs without utilizing the best equipment for the job.
  • Employee Training. Continuous education is an GEI policy. We utilize almost exclusively full-time permanent employees who work only for GEI. We provide a continuous training initiative program. We keep our technicians up to date on new technologies.
  • Customer Training. Many of our customers perform NDT tests and visual examinations in-house and/or have the need to evaluate NDT test results. In order to help our customers meet this need, we also provide customized short course training programs at our facilities and/or at the customers’ location.
  • On staff full time Safety Auditors who review our employees practices and programs; areas audited are those covering Vehicles, Facilities, Adherence to Safe Work Practices and Procedures and Equipment Maintenance.

Radiographic Testing (RT) [X- & Gamma-Rays]

  • »  Weldments, castings, forgings & tubes
  • »  Pipelines, storage tanks & pressure vessels
  • »  Electronic, electrical & mechanical components
  • »  Structural Steel

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • »  Flaw detection in welds, castings, forgings, plates
  • »  Bars, tubes & machine components
  • »  Thickness measurement
  • »  Material characteristic through acoustic attenuation

Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)

  • »  Surface discontinuities e.g. crack, pinholes, laps & seams on non-porous & non-absorbing materials
  • »  Locating flaws in weldments, joints, tubings & castings

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

  • »  Surface & subsurface discontinuities e.g. crack, seams & inclusions on ferromagnetic materials
  • »  Monitoring service flaws in bars, forgings, weldments, shafts & components

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

  • »  Flaw detection (crack, corrosion, de-bond)
  • »  Metal sorting
  • »  Electrical conductivity
  • »  Coating, plating, cladding & thin sheet thickness measurement

Vacuum Box Testing

  • »  Bubble test technique to detect leaks on weld seams
  • »  Locate leaks in pressure boundaries

Holiday Testing

  • »  Test of continuity of a protective coating
  • »  Detect voids, cracks foreign inclusions or contaminants in the coating dielectric strength of the coating

Ferrite Content Measurement

  • »  Ferrite detection in piping materials, welded cladding, and austenitic and duplex stainless steels

Coating Thickness Measurement

  • »  Inspection of paint or coating thickness
  • »  Measure coating thickness on ferrous & non-ferrous materials

Advance NDT Services

  • »  Eddy current testing of non-ferrous air conditioning
  • »  Flux leakage testing of ferrous boilers & heat exchanger tubes
  • »  Remote field eddy current testing of ferrous tubes (RFECT)
  • »  Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • »  NDT Development & consultancy work
  • »  Multi-sector Advanced NDT Techniques
  • »  Storage tank inspection ~ tank survey / corrosion mapping / tank annular plate inspection / MFL on tank floor / UTG on tank shell plate by crawler
  • »  Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) on tubings
  • »  Remote Videoprobe Inspection
  • »  Ultrasonic testing by time of flight diffraction (TOFD)

Inspection & Expediting Services

  • »  Independent / 3rd Party Inspection Agency
  • »  Inspection of air & steal receivers as per MOM requirement
  • »  Inspection of portable storage tanks for transportation of petroleum & flammable materials
  • »  Consultancy on welding, quality control/ assurance & testing/ inspection
  • »  Qualification of welders & welding procedures
  • »  API 653 / 510 / 570 Authorized Inspector
  • » Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) ~ Accredited Inspection Body